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Designed by experts from the container shipping industry

The OceanOps platform has been designed by experts from the shipping industry, with experience at local, regional and global operations at top level carriers, as well as feeder operators.

Automated exception management

Our dynamic routing algorithm finds all the real-time routing options at the click of a button.

Save time from searching for alternative routings.
Reduce costs related to exceptions by finding solutions faster.

Improve your carrier selection for export bookings

Identify optimal routings via all relevant ports for your destination, taking into account the real-time schedules across multiple carriers.

Find relevant ports for your inland destination

Identify better routings via alternative ports for your inland destination, across multiple carriers.

Shipment delay notifications

Select the vessels you want to keep track of and get notified of delays to your shipments! We will monitor transhipment connections and provide options to reduce delays when they occur!

Share routings with your vendors and partners

Share all the relevant routing information directly from our platform with your vendors, partners or customers!

More features coming soon!

We are releasing new features on a monthly basis.

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