Webinar: How Dynamic Re-routing can help Freight Forwarders and Cargo Owners reduce shipment delays


Whether you are a freight forwarder or a cargo owner, if you are transporting goods around the world, you will have faced some sort of delay to your ocean freight. Yes, delays are inevitable. However, it is a myth that you cannot do anything about it.

OceanOps are hosting a webinar to discuss the different ways the OceanOps platform can help you manage delays to your ocean shipments. Join Saif Khalaf (our CEO), in dispelling the myth that shipping lines cannot (or do not want to) re-route your shipment once it’s on the water.

Saif has spent 12 years of experience at shipping lines in Operations and Trade management, with companies such as Maersk, Zim and UASC. Join us on 16th January at 11am CEST to find out more.


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