OceanOps launches dynamic re-routing platform for ocean freight


We are excited to announce that the OceanOps Dynamic Re-routing Platform is now LIVE!

What can be done to mitigate delays to your ocean freight and reduce related costs?

A major shipping line tries to keep its customers regularly updated about vessel delays, port operations and bad weather. A digital forwarder suggests you should be flexible, book in advance or choose a slower service to avoid rollings.

All valid suggestions but what can you do when:

– your containers are already on a vessel that you’ve just been informed is heavily delayed?

– or what action can you take if your cargo is now stuck at transhipment?

OceanOps will show you all the optimal ways to get your cargo to the final destination, at that specific moment of time!

Visit www.oceanops.io and register for a free 30-day trial now!

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