Dynamic routing for ocean freight

Automate exception management to reduce shipment delays and optimize your supply chain.

What we do

At least 1 out of every 3 containers shipped by sea arrives late. Additionally, more than 10% of containers get rolled by shipping lines due to capacity and operational constraints.

OceanOps is a SaaS platform that helps to mitigate container shipment delays. Think about us as Waze for containers. Our unique algorithm searches through all the possible routings to find the best options for your situation.

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Why OceanOps?

Online independent platform
Easy to use and intuitive off-the-shelf platform. No integration or training required!
One-stop-shop for ocean and land modalities
We offer routings across all the main ocean carriers and trucking routes. No need to check multiple sites and platforms!
Our unique optimization algorithm identifies the best ocean and land routing combinations at the point in time when the delay occurs.

Key Benefits

Save time searching for solutions

Automated planning tool to mitigate delays and exceptions

Save costs by quickly identifying the best point-to-end routing

Optimal routes based on the current situation and your final destination

Understand the possibilities across several modalities

Visibility of all your options across ocean and land